New Office 365 Features

What Office 365 Can Do For Your Business

Whether you are just starting a new business or have been in the business for quite some time, Office 365 is important and it’s vital that you know what all the latest features are. Here are three things you should know about new Office 365 features and what they can do for your business.

Microsoft Cloud and On-Premises Services

Microsoft is making two new services available to you – the cloud-based one and the on-premises service. While there may be some overlap in functionality between these two, they are certainly not identical. What exactly you get depends upon which of these is more appropriate for your company.

First, Microsoft Cloud services are built on the technologies of its Azure cloud platform. These are designed to make creating and sharing applications fast and easy. They are based on a common language that makes it easy to add, modify, and remove applications from the service. You will find that all Office 365 features can be easily accessed and shared via this platform.

On the other hand, Office 365 Enterprise Services is a new service specifically for businesses. These are the applications that your employees use to access and use documents. Because of this, they must be on premises. There is no cloud platform in this case.

One key difference is that the Cloud version allows them to be accessed from any location on the internet, whereas you will need to have your own network (such as a virtual private server) to access these applications from your on premise environment. You can get both of these services from the same place, so you get to choose which one you want.

Second, you can now share one business document with many people. This feature has been around for quite some time and is referred to as document collaboration. The option is available in the SkyDrive app in the SharePoint online library and for those who have Windows Intune installed you can also access this service from within your mobile device.

Document collaboration is a collaborative process where you want to have a team of several people to review and then edit the document you have shared. For example, you could get a document from Sales, Customer Service, and Development and then have everyone on the team to copy the content and then annotate it using code. This makes for a much easier process of sharing and collaboration.

You can also give this same document to various groups of employees, such as in Marketing and Sales. However, you have to ensure that the document is open and editable so that different groups can easily read and comment on it. This option is used in situations where you don’t want to share the file to everyone but just wanted it to be read by a select group of people.

Finally, you can add notes to a document. These can be used as a reminder of things you would like to keep in mind. You can create notes from the same document and then share it with others for their feedback.

You can also add custom font to a document so that it has the style that you prefer. This is another option you will have when you go to the SharePoint Online Library and you select documents to edit. It’s usually best to create and add these documents from the same application that you are editing so that it looks the same across the board.

Third, documents can now be stored online so that you can retrieve them as needed. If you have more than one user on your team or if someone accidentally deletes a document, it’s now simple to find it and recover it from the cloud.

The Cloud features in Office 365 serve to help you handle your business. With them, you can easily move files from one device to another and see what changes were made without having to re-copy all of the files over.