IT Support Jobs And Certifications

There are many IT support jobs, but it is important to find a position that suits your skill set. Here are some common positions and how you should think about it.

IT World is a Fast Changing World

Since the IT world has undergone many changes, the positions have changed as well. It used to be that computer programmers sat in a cubicle doing IT support, but now there are more positions such as server administrators that sit in a room and do a little work.

Support professionals use their knowledge and skill to help clients get their needs met. You might be an IT support professional who can answer all of the questions about a customer’s equipment and whether or not it will work with their specific product. You may be a support specialist that helps your customers with their purchase or repairs.

However, what sets IT support apart from other support positions is that you must be able to talk to the customers and troubleshoot their problems and concerns. You may have technical knowledge in certain areas of the market, but you will not know what people want until you try to answer their questions and work out their problems.

Whether you are in a cubicle sitting in front of a monitor or in a room talking to a person in person on the phone, your skills must be exactly the same. There is a great difference between assisting and actually resolving problems.

The Significance of IT Certifications

In order to acquire those support skills, it is necessary to go through training and get certified. Many IT support professionals know that the certification provides them with security. The certification establishes a level of expertise.

The certifications are usually referred to as CMIA, CISA, CCC and many other names. Every year these certification exams become more difficult and there are more options available for candidates who want to pursue the different certifications.

Candidates who pass the certification exams receive many benefits including discounted prices for training and books. There are also opportunities to participate in professional associations and conferences and gain much needed contacts.

The certifications are normally seen as the first step toward gaining full support provider status. Once you are ready to look for IT support jobs, you will need to determine which certifications you need to achieve.

For those of you who are ready to work with a company that has existing support needs, the certification exams can give you some leverage in negotiating the terms of service with your new employer. If you do not have a certification but you know a lot about the industry, you can gain more confidence by requesting the initial support packages in writing.

Complete the documents as requested and then meet with the company and present your knowledge and experience. An IT support specialist should never look for the first job that he or she is offered as they know that there is a good chance that they will not be given the job.

A knowledge base for the IT support industry can be obtained from reading materials written by professional companies in the field. There are many good books that can help you better understand the industry and gain confidence that you can be successful in this profession.