Can You Trust Your Network Security Officer?

The worst thing you can do as a network administrator is to be in denial that there is any possibility of intrusion. In other words, you need to act in the face of danger and make the necessary preparations.

Unfortunately, sometimes employees will ignore their responsibilities to secure a network and will continue to do so until one or more network security officers comes along. They generally assume that the computer that’s been compromised is no longer vulnerable. This assumption is incorrect.

It’s also not advisable to ignore the existence of firewalls when one uses a Cisco router. Firewalls are devices that block unauthorized access to networks. There’s nothing that needs to be said about their effect on a network unless you are qualified to interpret the data packets that make up an email or a fax message.

Although security is one of the most important functions a Cisco employee should perform, Network Security Officers don’t have the kind of experience and knowledge that would equip them with the necessary skills to perform the duties they’re entrusted to do. Those familiar with Cisco routers are most likely very well aware of their importance, but the fact remains that when working on the front lines there’s no substitute for knowledge and training.

If your network security officer is lax about securing his/her system, then there’s every chance that the same would be at risk. This, however, is not just common sense but also a matter of law. It’s not just about safeguarding a small portion of the organization’s network and its resources but also the large-scale networks of a company.

Computer security is very important because it protects your business, its products and services, and its reputation. Furthermore, it also protects your employees from harmful consequences that might come from the use of unsolicited and malicious computer viruses. Furthermore, computer security guards are at the forefront of providing safety and security to the organization. It’s sad to say that some network security officers, after they have identified malicious activity that has been done against their systems, are also so lax about taking preventive action and doing all that’s necessary to prevent that kind of activity from happening again. They often are so busy trying to catch malicious users that they forget to secure their own systems and networks.

Don’t wait for the next fire to burn down your building. Get the experts to do the job before it’s too late.

So, how do you go about getting Network Security Officers who can protect your company and assets? Well, you could start by referring to the large network security software manufacturers that provide network monitoring solutions. Cisco in particular offers a lot of technical support resources for its customers.

If you have a basic understanding of computers and a computer education background, Cisco is a good choice for you. They have a long list of technical personnel who are specialists in this area and can help you to identify malicious activities, identify the source of threats, help in identifying suspicious activity, develop and implement strategies, and undertake detailed examination of your network and systems.

They provide IT solutions that you can consider when you’re hiring security officers that offer security services to your company. There are several features that are offered by Cisco, such as customizable scanning, real-time updating, central management of all settings and events on the network, backup management, and remote access management.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to pay your consultants and network security officers to develop and implement strategies. Just refer to them for help when you need their services and they will provide you with highly advanced computer security tools and solutions that you can use to protect your company’s network.